What's a Comic Crate?


Comic Crate is the best way to encourage a genuine love of reading! Whether you're getting a Comic Crate for a Reluctant Reader, English Language Learner, Proficient Reader, or Comic Book Lover, they're sure to love the fun, engaging storytelling in today's comic books.  

All the comics in your Comic Crate feature great stories, quality artwork, adventure, and suspense.

Each month, you'll receive six brand-new comics, personally selected by parents who are also comic book lovers. Sometimes we'll swap in a vintage collectible comic for a surprise!

G-Rated Comic Crate

Your G-Rated Comic Crate is great for younger readers, and features simple artwork and language. 

Examples of G-Rated comics include My Little Pony, Sonic the Hedgehog, Star Wars Adventures, and Disney.


PG+ Rated Comic Crate

Your PG+ Comic Crate has comics with detailed artwork, intermediate language, and superhero violence. 

Examples of PG+ Rated comics include Batman, Aquaman, Power Rangers, and Fantastic Four.


Teen+ Rated Comic Crate

Your Teen+ Comic Crate has comics with detailed artwork, advanced language, violence, and occasional profanity or suggestive themes. 

Examples of Teen+ Rated comics include Avengers, X-men, Justice League, Wolverine, and Wonder Woman.


How It Works

1. Choose your crate

Select a "G Rated Comic Crate,"  a "PG+ Rated Comic Crate," or a "Teen+ Comic Crate." 

2. We select your comics

We personally select comics you'll love from our store in Sacramento, CA.

3. Have fun reading!

Your Comic Crate will arrive in just a few days, with six comics that are engaging and fun to read.