We're a comic book family

Hi! We're Gene and Pam, and we've owned  Comics & Collectibles in Sacramento, CA since 1998. 

For the last 20+ years, we've shared our love of comic books and reading with everyone we know. 

Now we want to share the joy of reading comics with your family too!


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How Comic Crate Started

Remember riding your bike to the corner store to pick up a slushie and some comic books? Then Mom would catch you reading comics under the covers at night and pester you to go to sleep. The fun of reading comics was a big part of our childhood, and we want to share the joy of comics with everyone across the United States. 

Although we didn't realize it as kids, comic books help improve literacy and encourage a genuine love of reading. Now that we have a family of our own, we know how important it is to be a good reader and to love reading. If our kids want to hide under the covers at night and read, we let 'em!

Reluctant Readers 

Reluctant readers enjoy comic books because the short bursts of text and vivid images are easier to read than the solid text in a prose book. 

English Language Learners 

English Language Learners can match the text to the images in comic books to help decode and understand the text.

Proficient Readers 

Proficient Readers can enjoy the art and text in comic books, while learning how the comic book writing models concise language. 

Comic Book Lovers

Comic Book Lovers of all ages and reading levels can appreciate and enjoy the enticing and engaging stories in today's comic books.